NEW Barrel/Drum Safety Moving Solution

Posted by Contributing Editor on Tue, Aug 13, 2013

August, 2013 - L P International Inc.  the Manufacturer  of PowerMate® is excited to launch a new product for customers tasked with moving barrels and drums up and down stairs and on and off vehicles - Our new PowerMate Barrel Moving Solution!

The new addition to the PowerMate® product line-up is the direct result of our customers in the 石油 and Chemical &Water Treatment Industries looking for a solution for moving barrels and drums without the conventional strapping or belting system typically found on dolly’s.  In fact, anyone moving these types of loads will benefit from the near effortless break back and stair climbing ability in any industry or business where safety and negotiating stairs are a requirement.

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The new solution is based on our PowerMate® Model LE-1 comes complete with a special attachment on the frame that “clamps on” to the top of the barrel or drum to secure it to the dolly. This attachment eliminates the requirement to strap the container to the dolly. With the new attachment barrels placed closely together can be picked up and placed without having to maneuver them to get the conventional straps or belts around the container.

Like the LE-1, the new PowerMate Barrel Moving Solution has two drive screws to make climbing stairs even easier. Having a recommending weight capacity of 700lbs/318Kgs, the operator can raise and lower the weight of the barrel or drum over the center of the frame redistributing the weight of the load to the center of the stair climber and off the operator.

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Additionally, the new solution also gives the operator the ability to “raise or stack” the load up to 40 in/102.6cm high, the length of the machines drive screw, ideal for moving on and off a pallet or skid.

The long anticipated PowerMate® Barrel Moving Solution is now available! Contact us today to place your order and remember that volume pricing is available for multiple units!

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