Benefits of Our Tailgate Lift “LiftGate”

Posted by Contributing Editor on Mon, Sep 23, 2013

EFFICIENCY: PowerMate® Powered LiftGates take up minimal space in your vehicles. The LiftGate has a “footprint” of just 1.5 square feet and is ideal for service vehicles where space in the vehicle is a premium.

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  • The LiftGate weighs approximately 200 pounds/ 91 kilos, helping you maximize your fleet’s fuel economy versus heavier exterior tail gate lifting systems. A reduction in your vehicles “gross weight” can result in other cost savings like; tolls, taxes and even insurance!

  • Having an interior LiftGate installed inside the vehicle creates more space when parking which is a definite advantage in busy urban areas.

  • Unlike some tail gate lift options, PowerMate® LiftGates require no assembly before or after use.

  • Alternative tail gate lifting systems cost $3.5K to $7.5K. PowerMate® LiftGates are cost effective solution that can save you more than 50% on your initial purchase alone.

PowerMate LiftGate are typically installed in box trucks, cube vans, full-sized vans, Sprinter vans and have been just recently installed in the new Ford Transits.


  • PowerMate® LiftGates give you multiple options for the placement of your LiftGates depending on your specific lifting requirements and vehicle configuration. Position your new LiftGates in the side door or rear passenger side of the vehicle to keep your operators safe - curb side away from traffic.


  • PowerMate® LiftGates eliminate the need for the operator to try to lift while bending over (inside a full sized van for example), were many lifting related injuries occur.

  • To eliminate the risk of the load falling or shifting with PowerMate® the product and/or hand truck are secured to the frame of the LiftGate with heavy-duty nylon straps.

  • The unique articulated arm of the PowerMate® LiftGate allows the operator to easily and safely position the product inside the vehicle, again, without have to move or lift it manually. Exiting the vehicle using the LiftGate can help the operator negotiate over curbs and other obstacles.

  • Today, customers have two options: a concave “cradle attachment” that secured round items like water heaters and gas bottles and a “flat strap bar” for square or rectangular shape product like boxes. With the flat strap bar you can even attach your PowerMate® hand truck and the load to the LiftGate to ease loading and unloading of the vehicle!

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  • PowerMate® LiftGates are typically installed inside the vehicle and protected from the weather. All LiftGates wired to run off your vehicles 12 Volt battery.

  • Currently, L P International Inc. the manufacturer of the PowerMate® LiftGates is in the process of updating our LiftGate design to the more efficient solid state circuitry. This will further reduce the total cost of ownership, increase the speed of operation of the lift, simplify servicing and reduce the vehicle battery draw.

In Summary, PowerMate® LiftGates are very low maintenance.  All LiftGates come complete with a 1 year limited factory warranty, service and re-certification are never more than a phone call away! 


  • Customers using our LiftGates tell us that PowerMate® LiftGates out last their new vehicles they are initially installed in (4-6 years). In some instances, the LiftGates are on their second vehicle and there are even a few examples of them being removed and re-installed on their third vehicle.

  • Most customers opt to keep the LiftGate on the original vehicle when it is retired. They cite realizing an increase in the re-sale value of the vehicle and use the money to acquire and install a new PowerMate® LiftGate in their new replacement vehicle.


  • PowerMate® LiftGates, have built and continue to build a growing network of LiftGate installers through North America. We can ship your new LiftGate to the installer of your choice or arrange for an installer for you! With few exceptions, our extensive network can provide you with an installer less than a 30 minute drive from your place of business.

  • PowerMate® LiftGates can be professionally installed in 2-3 hours, at a fraction of the time and cost of alternative tail gate lifting systems on the market today.

For more information on  we invite you review the PowerMate LiftGate White Paper (below) and contact one of our Solution Specialists at 1-800-697-6283 to start  implementing your PowerMate® Fleet Program Today!

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